Radio-Active (my national radio interview!)


Last week I was on the radio! And I didn’t even have to get out of my bathrobe. My recent post about the etiquette of speaking to those who are grieving got the attention of a national Catholic radio show. A producer from “Morning Air” on Relevant Radio contacted me via email asking if I’d be interested in being interviewed about my essay, “I cried with Michael Jordan.” So, I peeled myself off the ceiling and quickly replied yes. A couple days later, after gravely bribing my children to remain silent in the background, I was live on the air with John Harper of the “Morning Air” show. I can’t help thinking my parents were smiling down on me since I finally got to use the Radio part of my Radio/TV/Film degree from the exorbitantly priced Northwestern University. Thanks, mom, and dad! (My mom used to urge me to apply wherever I wanted. “If you get in,” she’d remind me, “I’ll clean toilets to cover the cost if need be.”) Such parental sacrifice they modeled for me.

Before the interview began, I could hear my heartbeat banging out of my chest. I was probably imagining going blank or one of my kids barging in, screaming. I’m happy to report I made it through sans interruption (thank you, kids!) and without any major radio silence. Thank you, dear Jesus! The few minutes I was on truly sailed by. While I didn’t relay all the practical advice I did in my essay, I think I got across the important message that grief takes time. We need to accompany those who are experiencing grief, but not try to fix things for them. You can decide for yourself if you think I hit the mark or not. Regardless, it is done!

“Morning Air” on Relevant Radio Interview

If you want to learn more about Relevant Radio or listen to the show in its entirety, just click on the link.  Thank you to my wonderful readers who have supported me by passing along “We’re Late For Church” essays and circulating them among friends. This blogging milestone is thanks to you!

5 thoughts on “Radio-Active (my national radio interview!)”

  1. You did an amazing job heartfully sharing how to help those grieving. Thank you for writing this piece – it is so helpful. I am so happy for you!


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